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Русский вариант правил - http://forum.norrath.ru/topic/9002-vnutrennie-pravila-reyda-ishod-raid-rules/


1. Сomposition

1.1. Raid consists of 24 or more players. The reason for this is skippable raid individual players for various reasons. It also allows us to change the composition of the raid, according to the opening event


1.2. The probationary period for new members of the raid - from two to four weeks.

1.3. Characters in the raid are divided into categories:
- Main peson / second main (equivalent);
- Raid alto;
- Fan.alt.

1.4.Distribution characters categories together made RL and officers as needed.

1.5. List raid characters indicating the categories (except fan.altov) see http://forum.norrath.ru/topic/8872-tekushhiy-sostav-reyda-rersonnel-raid/

2. Days and time of raids.

2.1. Raid days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,  16-30 / 19-00 GMT ; Sunday - 16-00 / 19-00 GMT.

6. The auction rules

6.0.The auction are held in raid chat. After trading in the phrase "Auction is over" / "sold" rates are no longer accepted.

6.1.Right RL - give one thing for a raid  for 100-150-200dkp  any member of the raid on the main characters. The right RL in relation to offshore violas and altos fan is not in use. Rights MT / OT no.

6.2. Trade is phasically: the main character; raid violas; fan.alty. Rates are made simultaneously to all, then RL is trading in line with the priority rates. Changing the Priority roll is not allowed.

6.3. Trading on the main character is carried out with putting the face value of trading (10) on the raid violas - insert the letter after rater - 10r (russion p); on the fan. viola - insert the letter after rate - 10a.

6.4. Basic rate: - 10 DKP. Step bid 5 DKP. In that case, if a player has no DKP 5, then allowed to raise rates "all-in". Overlap "all-in" rate is the minimum number of points needed to step 5 DKP (eg, rate "all-in" 24 DKP next rate increase -. 25 DKP)

6.5. No matter which character the player is in the raid, the auction is maintained current division into categories for the characters. (So if you're in a raid fan viola, then rolit on it you have to with the prefix "a", in accordance with the precedence for this category of characters).

6.6.Things are not in the class (eg DPS healers, etc.) can be taken with the permission of RL. If a player wants to take the thing took earlier, the rate is done to rank fan.alt, unless otherwise agreed with RL. Current negotiation - ()

6.6.1 Allowable transmission relevant to the raid of things through the ranks of trade from Viola raid on the main character, of the fan Viola - any character. The transfer date for the raid things from the basics to the fan viola or viola raid without the consent of RL - is prohibited.

6.7. the rate can not exceed the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE RATE- http://forum.norrath.ru/topic/9002-vnutrennie-pravila-reyda-ishod/?do=findComment&comment=282110

6.8.At the time of release officially declared the player is saved for the last 10 attendens raids. Level attendensa supported by affixing visit the raid and is marked with a colored background.

6.9. Betting on the raid and fan violas allowed in platina, resource for infuzatory in DKP. Rate at platina and resources to infuzator equivalent. Bettor in platina or resource is not allowed to initiate a bid to DKP. The rate in the DKP has priority. In the case of bids in the DKP, the players previously declared rate in platinf or resource can change it, and further bargaining will come at DKP by the general rules. When all bets are made in platina or resource, the thing played out of randomness.

6.10. Runes are traded based on the category and class. If the rune remains unclaimed for DKP, it can be played between Wishing randomly.

6.12. Trading in the minus with the increase rate is prohibited. (See. Section Penalty p.10.8)

6.13. Traded in the minus with excess of max bets are allowed only for the base rate - 10 dkp and only for the main person and raid violas. In that case, if this thing claims a player with a positive balance of DKP, the increase of the nominal rates on its part is not required.

6.14. In that case, if the table on the MAX Rate is not modified in more than 1 raid, usually the maximum possible rate shall be suspended until the moment of entering into the table all missed raids.

6.15. All mana, energy senior shooting range, infuzatorov resources toto fall into the raid bank.  resources  for infuzatorov 40 pieces - a public auction in the raid. .

6.16. Resources for crafting recovered from the raid, enter the bank raid and put up for auction in the raid

6.17. Raid player (except the players on probation) can exchange their DKP (in whole or in part) on the raid on the rate of platinum. Data on the course - see table Attendans..


11. Penalty

11.0 Messages in raid chat, made during the auction (except for replicas related to the passage of the raid) - 5 DKP.

11.1. The absence of  reliable information (you can make it as a mark in the planner of raid http://exodus.norrath.ru/calendar.php?s= , or the forum topic, or sms, or ingame mail ) -5 DKP;

11.2. Out of the raid to the end without warning RL -50 DKP;

11.3 AFK during a raid without warning RL exit from the AFK late (after the announced the end of the AFK) - 5 DKP;

11.4. Loсk raid zone  -100 DKP;

11.5. Failure to follow directions  of RL - 5 DKP or more depending on the the severity  and repetition of the offense;

11.5.1 Some penalties are progressive disposition. http://forum.norrath.ru/topic/9002-vnutrennie-pravila-reyda-ishod/?do=findComment&comment=282112

11.6. In case of excess rate (max. Rate) revealed after a successful bid, for the first time  a player get penulty  in the amount equal to the  rate .If the player repeats the violation again, then this entails an increase in the penalty

11.7. In the case of trading in violation of instructions of rank (the main character, fan viola) A player gets a penalty: first offense - 50% of the rate, second and subsequent - on a progressive scale.

11.8. Activation mobs = - 25 DKP

11.9. At the assault penalties for the implementation of the new's Event not charged.

11.10. Incitement to racial hostility and other conflicts in the forum, provocation, as well as responses to provocations - zero DKP;

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