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Hotfix #17: 4/15/11

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* Exorcising Evil: The Corrupted Essence can be exorcised again after 30 seconds, in case NPCs steal your mob.

* More tweaks to the Phase 2 events for stability under load!


* Added Malformed Soul and Corrupted Soul drops to end-game Rift content.

* Fixed a bug where you wouldn't loot stacking items when hitting Take All with a full inventory.


* Fixed ability tooltips not displaying the correct damage when it was increased by other abilities, and instead showing lowered damage overall.

* Feign Death should be much more convincing.

* Back-end optimizations of player pet aggro - this should have no visible effect in-game.

* Back-end optimizations of aggro lists and target switching for NPCs in instances and the main world - this should also be invisible in gameplay.



* Lord Greenscale: Added some extra failsafes to prevent the plants and minions from sticking around past an encounter reset.


* Fixed the Life Rift in Lotham's Strike either not loading correctly or closing too soon.


* Rift: Gedlo Supply Drop: Addressed issues with mobs getting stuck in stacks of crates.


* The following items had Death Resistance incorrectly set on their stats; this has been removed.

* Magical Tendril, Breath of the Wild, Staff of the Creeper, Spiritguider, Frozen Scepter, Ceremonial Shoulderpads, Ceremonial Visage, Ceremonial Robe, Band of Spells, Sagebrush Spellstaff, Carmintium Spellcutter, Carminite Longsword, Ill-Fated Relic, Voodoo Charm, and Pugilist's Signet.

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