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Hotfix #21: 27/4/11

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* New and exciting Coin Lock restrictions!

* If your character is Coin Locked, they may no longer: use public chat channels, yell, /tell, modify guild membership of themself or others, modify guild quests, MOTD, member notes, guild ranks, or train guild perks. On lockdown!


* Fixed a bug causing Ascended Powers to use up extra Planar Charges.


* Marshal Kevdorras can now be reminded of his faith more easily.


* Major zone events made to occur more regularly. For reals this time. Up to eleven.

* Tools of Destruction: Improved the drop of Shadetouched Blades from Major Death Rifts.

* Corrupt Essences should drop much more frequently for those with the Exorcising Evil quest.


* Fixed a bug causing NPCs to be unable to attack stealthed targets.

* NPCs will also be more responsive to switching targets when nearby opponents gain healing aggro.


* Zone-wide loot drops in River of Souls now only come from the more powerful non-boss NPCs.

* Genesis Pylon: The root effect from this item now breaks properly.

* Battlemaster's Jerkin now with 100% more actual stats!

* Several shields that were incorrectly set to be equippable by Clerics have been fixed; these included Bulwark of the Dragon, Arbiter's Defense, Prince's Crest, and Aegis of Souls.


* Updated Windstealing Rune references to Windshielding Rune. The recipe is now purchaseable from Quartermaster Ciaba with Storm Inquisiton notoriety.

* Recipe: Exalted Bottle of Tricks now requires notoriety with the Arcane Hand, who sell the recipe.

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