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Пытливые умы тестили новую систему критов...

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Взято с бета-форума, а тож потрут потом.

900.4 Critical Chance:

4,572 Hits

526 Legendary (11.5%)

124 Fabled (2.7%)

15 Mythical (0.328%)

1435.4 Critical Chance:

5,718 Hits

867 Legendary (15.16%)

252 Fabled (4.4%)

70 Mythical (1.22%)

From this, each point of Critical Chance past 900 (assuming linear) gives approximately:

0.0016% Mythical

0.0068% Legendary

0.0032% Fabled

Or, a Superior Rune: Critical Chance (32) gives:

0.05% Mythical

0.217% Legendary

0.1% Fabled

Or, an Incandescent Adornment of Critical Chance (Superior) (14) gives:

0.005% Mythical

0.095% Legendary

0.448% Fabled

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