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смена типа урона, ключики


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есть пара вопросов, ответы, наверное, очевидны, но мне пока не известны =)

1. падают осколки на смену типа урона (холод, жар, болезнь и тп) применить их к моему оружию нельзя. для какого они оружия? в чем смысл смены типа урона в рейдовом масштабе?

2. за некоторые квесты получил ключи (серебряные и золотые, платиновых пока не было), чувствую себя Буратино, где та дверь? =)

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частично отвечаю:

1. надо снять оружие в инвентарь, тогда появиться возможность использовать осколок.

2. где-то там валяются сундуки, которые можно открыть этими ключиками и, видимо, чем круче ключик, тем круче плюшки.

было бы неплохо, если бы кто-нить дополнил мой тихий разговор самого с собой =)

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квесты на ключи-зек


There are 8 unique object triggered quests and 16 total (8 quests for solo and 8 for heroic version) in Zek, the Scourge wastes. Should you be successful, there is going to be 3 hours “cooldown” before you can attempt that quest again. If you fail however, you’ll have to wait for about half an hour before being able to attempt it again. Quests in solo overland are exactly the same as in heroic overland, but for the heroic version you will need a group in order to do them in time.

Anatomy of a Lion

Quest giver: Layth near Grove of Stones (/waypoint 328, 7, 17)
Time: 7m

  1. Click on the huntress’ pack near a dead hunter in Grove of Stones to receive a Layth’s enhanced lion traps (/waypoint 132, 16, -7)
  2. Use the trap while standing near or inside the destroyed druid ring.
  3. Kill a hill lioness in the area to spawn a hill cat patriarch.
  4. Patriarchs are immune to damage until they step on the trap. Then they can be killed.
  5. Harvest lion organ by clicking on their bodies. You an harvest three times before the corpse disappears (harvesting bonuses increases your chance to get more organs per harvest).
  6. Keep killing hill lioness to spawn further patriarchs for their organs.
  7. Once you have 30, your quest will update and send you back to Layth to hand in the quest (timer is still active!).

Bloodtusk For Bol

Quest giver: Bol the Bridge Troll under the bridge in front of Scourge Keep (/waypoint -229, -32, -508)
Time: 7m

  1. Collect 20 bloodtusk meat.
    • They can be found throughout the Zek (highlighted on the map, if you have quest helper enabled).
    • Good location with quick respawns is near Green Hood Embers, west of Bol.
  2. Return and talk to Bol.
  3. Click on the an empty basket next to Bol.

Clear Cut

Quest trigger: Click on a Scourge clearcutter axe in tree (/waypoint -478, -35, 50)
Time: 6m

  1. Kill clearcutters and loot 20 a Scourge clearcutter’s axe (body drop).
  2. Click on tree stump (/waypoint -450, -35, 85).

Crab Nabber

Quest trigger: Examine a hollow siren conch, a body drop from sirens at Siren’s Cove (/waypoint 130, -43, 360)
Time: 10m

  1. Kill crabs on the beach near Siren’s Cove until one o them drops a crab brain.
  2. Open your inventory and use the brain to get a crab brain-filled siren conch. Using the new conch will turn you into a crab. You will still have all your abilities, but you will not be able to fly.
  3. You next goal is to follow the trail of dead crabs and kill a flock of hungry seagulls that spawns as you approach each dead crab:
  4. First crab is at Siren’s Cove (/waypoint 175, -42, 399)
  5. Second crab is at Deadwood Refuge (/waypoint -107, -30, 184)
  6. Third crab is in Timberlands (/waypoint -446, -37, -39)
  7. Fourth crab is in Hound’s Gorge (/waypoint -547, -27, -181)
  8. Fourth crab is in Scourge Valley (/waypoint -13, -5, -321)
  9. Check out top of the spire (/waypoint -13, -5, -321).
  10. As soon as you approach Scourge crabbers will spawn. You must kill them to finish the quest. Be careful, they will knock you back. If you get knocked of the spire, they will despawn and quest will fail.

Destroy or Be Destroyed

Quest trigger: Click a faded message on a tent in Siege Valley (/waypoint 337, 12, -163)
Time: 4m

  1. Kill 20 Scourge destructors found in Siege Valley.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Quest trigger: Click a fated humanoid under the remains of sunken ship south of Warship Docks (/waypoint 520, -64, 469)
Time: 5m

  1. Kill 20 mobs in waters south of Warship Docks.

Stump Buster

Quest trigger: Click a hollowed tree stump in Vallon Field (/waypoint 686, -13, 21)
Time: 4m

  1. Click on 10 hollowed tree stumps in Vallon Field and kill all the stump eater adds that spawn.

Wraiths Upon the Wastes

Quest trigger: Click an erratic portal in a cave east of Green Hood Embers (/waypoint 719, -17, -301)
Time: 9m

  1. Click on the portal again.
  2. Find 5 towers (highlighted on the map, if you have quest helper enabled) and click on them.
    • Breakneck Acre (/waypoint 304, -24, 279)
    • Green Hood Embers (/waypoint 455, -7, -423)
    • Green Hood Landing (/waypoint 6, -47, 490)
    • Siren’s Cove (/waypoint 131, -60, 500)
    • Timerlands (/waypoint -343, -33, 10)
  3. Kill the watchwraith that spawns as soon as you click on the tower.


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3 часа назад, Деффи сказал:

Оль между сидением в баре в Германии,питьем пива,поеданием сарделек и распеванием патриотических песен ты могла бы перевести это?)))

Это инглиш, эт не ко мне, а к Дучу. Я не спикаю))) шпрехаю чуток и парле Франсе)))))

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