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Pet of the Gods

Improves the casting speed and attribute bonuses of your diety pet by 10% 5 ranks

Bountiful Feast

Improves the durattion of food and drink by 2.5% 5 ranks

Ample Harvest

Caster will double harvest 3% of the time 5 ranks

Hearty Constitution

Increases max health by 0.5% 5 ranks

Swift Journey

Increases mount speed by 2% 5 ranks

Enhanced Mind

Increases max power by 0.5% 5 ranks

Swift Strides

Increases speed of caster 1% 5 ranks

Swift Creation

Increases crafting progres by 0.5%


Litany of Combat

Grants additional spells which increase spell, melee dmg or buffs pet, no other description listed 5 ranks

Ally Revivication

Improves reuse speed of combat res by 12 seconds 5 ranks

Prayer of Healing

Improves single target direct heal ammount by 2% and crit amount 3% 5 ranks

Protective Prayer

Improves mit bonus of class mit buff by 3% 5 ranks

Secular Protection

Improves resist bonus of class resist buff by 5% 5 ranks

Seal of Faith

Increases shield effectiveness of caster by 2% 5 ranks

Supplication of the Fallen

24 man 100 meter range 100% power and HP revive applys rev sickness


Devout Incapacitation

Improves mit reduction of debuff y 2% 5 ranks

Devoted Allegiance

Increases hp 3% and other bonuses 5% of the cleric hp buff 5 ranks

Blessed Yaulp

Imporves bonuses of yaulp by 3 5 ranks

Allied Prayers

Add additional group heal to the clerics fast casting group heal 5 ranks

Devoted Healing

Increase healing and crit heal 3% reduce casting by 0.1 seconds single target reactive heal 5 ranks

Overwhelming Arms

5% flurry 5 ranks


Transfers clerics health down to 5% to target.


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На форуме акеллы кто-то умудрился скопировать эту информацию с флеймса в ту же секунду, что и я, поэтому получился двойной пост...

Хорошо бы кто-нибудь всё это перевёл. :)

С нетерпением жду аддона, СОЕ заинтриговало... :)

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